Board Certified Criminal Defense

I provide high quality criminal defense with a personal touch.  I am certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy in Criminal Trial Law.

My clients receive great advocacy in an individual setting.  My phone goes directly to me.  You do not need to leave a message with a secretary or paralegal.  I am your attorney and I know from experience that I am the person my clients want to talk to.

I have extensive jury trial experience.  I know that in some circumstances my clients need someone who will stand up and fight for their rights.  I am that attorney.

Criminal Appellate Advocacy

I have extensive experience in the Indiana appellate courts.  I have the unique perspective of being both an experienced trial lawyer as well as an experienced appellate attorney.  I understand what is necessary to write an excellent brief for the appeals courts.  I also understand how important it is for the trial lawyer to preserve issues that can be successful.

I also have argued in person in front of the Indiana Court of Appeals.

Being a successful appellate attorney requires an attention to detail, exceptional knowledge of the law,  as well as creativity.  These are all traits that I have as an attorney.

DUI and Traffic Law

DUI's happen to good people all the time.  Jail and license suspensions are a real possibility when pulled over for a DUI.  Clients need someone who knows the law and can effectively defend their rights.  I am that attorney.

Traffic issues have a significant impact on the lives of my clients.  Imagine not being able to drive and relying on friends and family to get around.

I handle everything related to traffic laws from speeding tickets to getting a drivers license returned to a person with a lifetime suspension.

No two circumstances are the same.  It takes years of experience to truly understand what it takes to assist someone with driving issues.

The Personal Difference

I work with my clients individually.  It is vital in criminal defense that the attorney and client have a great relationship.  I need to know who you are as a person.  I need to know what is important to you to resolve your case.

I take the time to learn about my clients.  I need to listen to you and to know both you and your case.  This extra attention can be vital.

I understand that this may be one of the most difficult times of your life as well as your family.  It is important that I take the time to answer your questions and listen to your concerns.

It is also important that a criminal defendant has the faith in the attorney to actually fight for them.  I have extensive jury trial experience in the state of Indiana.  Not every case will go to trial, but it is critical that you have an attorney that is ready, willing, and able if that time does come.  I have the ability and the courage to fight for my clients.

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